Complete Occupational Health & Safety COVID-19 Plan

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Your complete, must-have Occupational Health and Safety COVID-19 plan and toolkit for immediate rollout. This product is endorsed by SA Board for People Practices (SABPP).

This critical plan and toolkit comprise a complete plan and toolkit to help business owners, leaders and their occupational health and safety (OHS) managers or officers to safeguard their workplaces and operate in compliance with the relevant OHS regulations. The kit includes 15 templates to provide for a number of different scenarios that employers may be faced with, all in editable WORD format, with step-by-step instructions. Brought to you in collaboration between the South African United Employers Organisation (SAUEO), and renowned health and safety specialists Henk Horn and Niel van der Westhuizen.



A complete OHS COVID-19 plan & toolkit containing 15 templates dealing with the various situations. This product is endorsed by SA Board for People Practices (SABPP).

All the templates are in WORD format and have step by step instructions.

Compiled by:
Henk Horn – Health & Safety Specialist
Niel van der Westhuizen – Health & Safety Specialist

Included in the Complete OHS COVID-19 Plan:

  • COVID-19 OHS Template Index
  • COVID-19 Health Policy
  • COVID-19 Workplace Plan
  • COVID-19 Hygiene Protocols
  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template (Generic)
  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template (Generic)
  • COVID-19 Employee Screening Template
  • COVID-19 Daily Screening Template
  • COVID-19 Toolbox Talk – Awareness
  • COVID-19 Toolbox Talk – How to remove gloves & masks
  • COVID-19 Toolbox Talk – Social Distancing
  • COVID-19 Toolbox Talk – COVID-19
  • Communication Attendance Register
  • PPE Issue Register
  • COVID-19 Compliance Officer Designation
  • COVID-19 Reference for health workers
  • COVID-19 Toolkit Manual


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